Thursday, 15 February 2018

Grey paint strokes - Gerhard Richter 1968

"My method or my expectation which, so to speak, drives my to painting, is opposition. I expect that something will emerge that is unknown to me, which I could not plan, which is better, cleverder than I am, something which is also more universal." - On the Monochrome and Abstract Paintings - Gerhard Richter from 'Interview with Benjamin Buchloh', 1988 - Gerhard Richter
‘Grauschlieren’ (Grey paint strokes), 1968 – OOC 200x200cm
Private collection Gerhard Richter Archiv, Staatliche Kunstsammlungen Dresden

(opposition: active resistance against the ruling majority)

“Grey is the epitome of non-statement, it does not trigger of feelings or associations. (It is) an illusion, like a photograph. And like no other colour, it is suitable for illustrating ‘nothing’. For me the grey is the only possible equivalent for indifference, for the refusal to make a statement, for lack of opinion, lack of form.” - Graue Bilder by G. Richter