Thursday, 17 January 2019

Antoni Tàpies - 'Matter in form of a food' 1965

"They are like metaphysical walls arising, from dust, ashes, earth, destruction, cataclysm, cosmic contemplation and inner meditation." - Art of our century by J.L. Ferrier, 1988 Longman, Essex UK 

‘Matèria en forma de peu’ – size: 132 cm x 162 cm, collection: Fundacioantonitàpies, Barcelona

Tàpies is sometimes associated with an artistic movement known as ‘Informalism’ which was opposed to all intellectual categories (form) and the dualism of western culture (heaven/hell, body/soul). Informe’s views on unnecessary waste inspired Tàpies to paint a calloused foot and other objects normally rejected by capitalist society. He called these works ‘Martéria en forma d’aixela’ (Matter in the shape of an armpit), because all organic life is constantly reshaping itself. His own materials did so as well, evolving naturally into the eponymous ‘wall paintings’ (tapia = wall/Tàpies), with associations of separations, enclosure, and the clandestine graffiti of a persecuted people.

- Helen Oppenheimer (Encyclopedia of Contemporary Spanish Culture, E. Rodgers)