Thursday, 20 December 2018

Man Ray 'Unconcerned Photograph' series - 1959

Man Ray – ‘Unconcerned Photograph’ – 1959
From a series of 7 photographs (gelatin silver print on paper 42.5 x 30 each), whose ‘blurred images’ Grace Mayer noted, ‘were caused by swinging a Polaroid camera at random around his Paris Studio’.
Man Ray – ‘Unconcerned Photograph’ – 1959.

“There was no humor in it, but what we did was really ‘to upset things’, you know, but subconsciously ‘to clear the way’ as I said before, for something ‘new’ which we didn’t know yet what it might be!” - Man Ray interviewed in 1972 about Dada & Surrealist movements.