Wednesday, 26 November 2014

"Composition No.8" by Piet Mondriaan - 1913

Jan Toorop, artist and friend of Piet Mondriaan, spoke about cubism as a 'striving for abstraction', a striving 'more and more towards spirituality', away from forms of nature. But Mondriaan saw something completely different, an opening into something new.
Mondriaan came to the conclusion he had to go to Paris if he wanted to know more. He needed direct contact with the Cubists, to achieve a kind of work in which he could accomplish his own ideas.
In 1911 he ends his rent-contract, broke up his engagement and stores his paintings with acquaintances and friends, sells as much work as possible and leaves the community of Amsterdam. At the end of January 1912 he moved to Paris. His famous oilpainting 'No.8' was made the following year. (Text source: In new perspective / Hans Janssen)

Painting No.4 / Composition No.8
Piet Mondriaan [1872-1944]
height 95 cm width 80 cm
1913 - oil on canvas
Location: Gemeentemuseum Denhaag: 0334317

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