Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Georges Braque's "Woman with easel" - 1936

"I know exactly where I'm going. The goal that I have to accomplish
is to paint art of the highest order.” – George Braque
georges braque
Georges Braque “Woman with easel”, 1936 Oil on canvas
Dimensions: 130.8 x 162.2 cm - Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, USA

The entire Braque genius was in this confession he made to Richardson: "I made a great discovery. I don't believe in anything anymore. Objects do not exist for me, except that there is a harmonious relationship among them, and and also between them and myself. When one reaches this harmony, one reaches a sort of intellectual void. This way, everything becomes possible, everything becomes legitimate, and life is a perpetuel revelation. This is true poetry."Art of our century by J.L. Ferrier, 1988 Longman, Essex UK 

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