Friday, 23 September 2016

Mario Bellusi - 'Modern Traffic in Acient Rome' - 1930

 “The dynamic form, for its changeable and evolving essence, is a sort of invisible nimbus between an object and an action, between relative motion and absolute motion, between the visible and the invisible, between the object and its own indivisible setting. It is a kind of analogical synthesis dwelling on the borders between the real object and its plastic-ideal power and can only be grased by flashes of intuition.” -  Pittura scultura futuriste by Boccioni 1912/1913
Mario Bellusi

Mario Bellusi, Modern Traffic in Acient Rome’ (Traffico moderno nell’antica Roma), 1930. Photomontage, gelatine silver print, 15 x 20 cm. Collection: Rovereto, MART, Archivio del ’900, Fondo Mino Somenzi.

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