Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Maria Blanchard - 'Man with guitar' 1918

"Yet it does not matter who is exempted from this crisis, so long as cubism is not. For cubism is still the only vital style of our time, the one best able to convey contemporary feeling, and the only one capable of supporting a tradition which will survive into the future and form new artists." "The great art style of any period is that which relates itself to the true insights of its time." - Clement Greenberg 'The Decline of Cubism', Partisan Review NY 1948.

Maria Blanchard Man with guitar 1918

Maria Blanchard (Santander, Spain 1881 - Paris, France 1932) >
‘L’homme à la guitare’ 1918 - OOC, Kröller Müller colletion, Otterlo NL

“The painter will regard the untouched canvas as an area where she/he can post constructions of the mind.” - Introduction to contemporary painting (Cubism and Abstract Art) by H.Casteur & A .Smeets, 1959

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